BionicSwifts Robot: Smart Bird Robot

BionicSwifts Robot is a smart bird robot that can fly loops and tight turns with agility. It can fly in an autonomous and coordinated fashion with 4 other artificial birds. The bird’s body has the servos, battery, brushless motor, and all the components necessary for the wing-flapping mechanism. Radio-based indoor GPS with ultra wideband technology is used to allow for coordinated, safe flying of these robotic birds. Each bird has a radio marker for exact position detection. The above video shows the BionicSwift in action.


  • Weight: 42 g
  • Wingspan: 68 cm
  • Length: 44.5 cm
  • Flight Time: 7 min
  • Frequency Band: 5-6 GHz


  • Country: Germany
  • Company: Festo

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